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Hayden Flour Mills Chickpea Flour

A staple in Indian and Pakistani cooking and commonly used in southern France and Italy for flatbreads, chickpea flour is gaining popularity in the States, but it can contribute an unwanted bitter note in recipes. Hayden's version isn't bitter at all; instead, it's earthy, lightly nutty and perfectly balanced between sweet and savory. And the company's stone milling process yields an ultra-fine consistency that is easily substituted in recipes. Swap out small quantities in your baked goods for extra protein and nutty-sweet flavor, or whisk into vegetarian soups for more body. Based in Arizona, Hayden Flour Mills grows and harvests local heritage grains that have a unique depth of flavor and stone-mills them in small batches, so they are incredibly fresh and retain all of their nutrients.

  • Net Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Ingredients: Stone-ground chickpeas
  • Allergens: This product was milled in a facility that processes wheat.
  • Place of Origin: Arizona, U.S.