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Hayden Flour Mills Pasta Flour

If you're taking the time to make homemade pasta, you definitely want a flour that will give the best flavor and texture. Made with an aromatic blend of White Sonora and Blue Beard Durum heritage wheats, Hayden's Pasta Flour has nutty depth and a noticeably more complex flavor than other varieties. While your pasta dough may need more water at first to become pliable, once hydrated it is easy enough to work with and yields a satisfying and toothsome pasta that isn't gummy or tough. Based in Arizona, Hayden Flour Mills grows and harvests local heritage grains that have a unique depth of flavor and stone-mills them in small batches, so they are incredibly fresh and retain all of their nutrients.
  • Net Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Ingredients: Stone-ground White Sonora wheat, stone-ground Blue Durum wheat
  • Place of Origin: Arizona, U.S.