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This flour is made from heritage durum wheat that’s slow-milled on hand-dressed granite millstones fresh for Milk Street, using seeds cultivated on a family farm in the warm Arizona sun without pesticides.

This heritage variety adds depth and texture to fresh pasta, biscotti and breads.

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This is a great swap for any recipe that calls for a whole grain flour—like whole wheat, rye or oat. It adds a more complex flavor to cakes than white flour, as well as a lovely nuttiness to pancakes and waffles. Try subbing it in for the buckwheat in our Buckwheat Apple Pancakes (use 70 grams). The extra nuttiness is perfect in quick breads, too. Try it in our banana bread: If you do a 1:1 swap for the all-purpose flour the recipe calls for, the bread will be more squat and dense, but still moist and delicious; if you swap only some of the all-purpose flour, you’ll maintain the lighter crumb. Be careful to not over-work the batter— higher protein content of this flour will build gluten faster. A light hand will keep the final loaf from gaining too much structure (and thus becoming tough). We also love how it plays off of the pistachios in our Pistachio-Cardamom Cake and how its wonderful flavor shines in our Semolina-Sesame Cake.

Kitchen Notes

When subbing whole grain flours for white flour, it’s always best to measure by weight. Also, whole grain flours can be thirstier than white flour, so if you find your results to be a bit drier than you’re used to, feel free to boost the wet ingredients (milk, oil, yogurt, etc.) slightly the next time you bake.

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