Hédène French Acacia Honey and Rose $19.95

Two multigenerational beekeepers came together to establish Hédène, which produces regional honeys across France.

The producer focuses on traceability, refinement and taste and even has the seal of approval from many renowned French chefs.

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This honey is delightful slathered across toasts or drizzled on cheeses like chèvre or brie. You can also brush it over cakes and pastries when gently warmed, add it to a whipped cream or even incorporate it into cocktails (especially ones featuring botanical-forward gin or woodsy bourbon). We love it in our Yogurt Panna Cotta with Sumac Syrup—just skip the syrup and drizzle the honey on top instead—and our Chèvre Cheesecake with Black Pepper-Graham Crust. You could substitute the honey called for in the recipe, but we also think using Hédène French Honey & Rose as a finishing touch is just as divine.

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