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Togo-Su Kurozu Rice Wine Vinegar w/ Hijiki Seaweed

Kurozu is a type of artisanal rice vinegar that is aged for several years until its flavors soften, a subtle caramelization develops, and the vinegar darkens to a deep amber color. Togo-Su’s Kurozu Vinegar with Hijiki is made with mountain spring water and naturally aged in century-old clay pots, with a mother vinegar that imbues the kurozu with the complex flavors of each batch that came before it. The company’s addition of earthy, mineral-rich hijiki seaweed results in more depth and roundness, as well as a bold, briny element to balance the rice sugars in the vinegar.

In Japan, kurozu is consumed culturally as a drinking vinegar, but we prefer its briny quality paired with dressings or sauces for seafoods, like poached or roasted salmon. We like to mix equal parts softened butter with white miso and add the Togo-Su’s Kurozu Vinegar with hijiki to taste. Smear on roasted salmon or halibut, or melt on sautéed shrimp or scallops. This vinegar is also great in simple olive-oil vinaigrettes; try it for the dressing in our Eventide Salad with Nori Vinaigrette.

  • Net Volume: 900ml
  • Ingredients: Brown Rice, Hijiki Seaweed, Spring Water, and Brown Rice Koji
  • Country of Origin: Japan

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