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Huilerie Beaujolaise Honey Vinegar

The rounded floral qualities of honey are a perfect counterpoint for the sharpness of vinegar in this small-batch ingredient from Huilerie Beaujolaise, To achieve the perfect agrodolce balance of sweet and tangy, the company must closely oversee the fermentation process: The higher alcohol content a liquid has, the more acidic it will be when it becomes vinegar, so the producer is careful not to let the mead ferment too long. Instead, the vinegar retains a deep honey richness, with a more syrupy consistency and fuller mouthfeel than other vinegars.

Use Huilerie Beaujolaise Honey Vinegar to deglaze the pan after searing pork chops, or mix with browned butter to drizzle over roasted meats or braised greens. It is a perfect counterpoint for deep winter vegetables; try stirring into butternut squash soup, or drizzle over roasted acorn squash with thyme and hazelnuts. We also love how honey vinegar intensifies and brightens the tart-sweet notes of sautéed apples. Or stir some into caramelized onions for an added sweet dimension.

Bottle is 50cl, not 25cl as pictured in photo.

  • Net Volume: 500 ml (150 ml pictured)
  • Ingredients: Honey, honey vinegar
  • Place of Origin: France