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I Segreti di Diano Starìci Sweet Sciuscillone Pepper Chips $15.95

The producer of these peppers calls them “starìci,” an affectionate Italian pet name, because he feels making these crunchy chips is an act of love.

The Sciuscillone peppers are native to southern Italy are cultivated in the medieval town of Teggiano, which is rich with agricultural tradition. Once the peppers are picked, they are air dried naturally for at least 60 days before they are cleaned of their core and seeds and fried in extra-virgin olive oil.

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In chip form, use as a textural garnish for pastas, salads and hummus or serve alongside cheese for a contrasting crunch. Crush into an aromatic powder and fold into cream cheese for a complex spread, or sprinkle anywhere you’d traditionally use paprika. You can also add fat and other aromatics and incorporate the peppers into a pasta sauce as they rehydrate, like our Orecchiette with Sardinian Sausage Ragu, or simply bloom in oil for a fragrant finisher and dipping sauce.

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