J&P Turner 40+ Refined New Zealand Avocado Oil $18.95 $16.95

While most refined oils lack flavor, this avocado oil is exceptionally buttery and flavorful.

Thanks to its health benefits, avocado oil has become increasingly popular as a pantry ingredient. But the avocado oil you find at the store is usually quite flat. Not this one: Each bottle made from over 40 sun-ripened New Zealand avocados, for superior flavor.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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This is an all-purpose oil wonderful for everything from sautéing to frying. It adds flavor to a traditional vinaigrette with mustard, minced shallot and wine vinegar, or even an egg dish like our Baked Persian Herb Omelet (Kuku Sabzi). (We find that egg dishes are generally a good way to test new oils, as they allow the flavors to shine.) We also love this as a finishing oil. The grassy, artichoke-like aroma is great on most dishes that you would drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil or a nut oil. Try a finishing drizzle on pasta, simple grain sides and soups, or even as a tasty dip for crusty bread. On the sweeter side, it’s also a great replacement for olive oil in a classic Italian olive oil cake, since it yields similar grassy notes.

Kitchen Notes

This oil has a fairly high smoke point—generally said to be about 520°F.

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