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Jacobsen Salt Co. Infused Garlic Salt

Jacobsen's hand-harvested sea salt from Oregon has a delicate crunch and releases bright bursts of clean, crisp salinity with each bite; it's perfect for tempering the pungency of garlic, making this one of the most balanced garlic salts we've tasted. The blend is savory and slightly nutty without being overpowering, perfect for enhancing simple dishes like scrambled eggs, roasted vegetables or a simple baked chicken breast. You can also take advantage of the large, crunchy flakes by using them to top savory breads—they'll stay intact during baking for added texture as well as flavor. Sprinkle some on our Za'atar Flatbreads or easy skillet Yogurt Flatbreads with Flavored Butter.
  • Net Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Ingredients: Sea salt, garlic
  • Place of Origin: Portland, Oregon