Jacobsen Salt Co. Infused Garlic Salt $13.95

Ben Jacobsen knows his product down to the granular level. 

Before starting Jacobsen Salt Co., he spent two and a half years in Denmark learning about salt production and traveled up and down the Pacific Coast hand-collecting and testing saltwater samples. Once he settled on the pristine Netarts Bay in Northern Oregon, Jacobsen designed a multi-step harvesting system for his sea salts. Ocean water is cooked down in custom pans and excess minerals are boiled off, resulting in a delicate, crisp sea salt with no bitter aftertaste. With every flake of salt carefully graded and sorted by hand, it’s no wonder that Jacobsen’s salts are favored by chefs.

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Perfect for enhancing simple dishes like scrambled eggs, roasted vegetables or a simple baked chicken breast. You can also take advantage of the large, crunchy flakes by using them to top savory breads—they'll stay intact during baking for added texture as well as flavor. Sprinkle some on our Za'atar Flatbreads or easy skillet Yogurt Flatbreads with Flavored Butter.

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