Sugimoto Japanese Dried Shiitake Donko Mushrooms $18.95

Forest-grown shiitakes are slowly sprouted in low temperatures—the natural rain and fog of Japan yielding a deliciously firm texture.

Taking a traditional approach practiced in Japan for over 1,000 years, Sugimoto works with over 600 independent growers who cultivate their mushrooms sustainably on sawtooth oak logs, known for yielding a sweet and robust flavor.

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Swap in these chubby caps for any recipe calling for dried mushrooms, or even fresh once rehydrated properly. Use to add meatiness to hearty stews, just toss the halved rehydrated caps into the pot as you sweat your aromatics before adding broth and veggies like squash, cabbage or other root varietals. Simmer until they are tender and flavor with fresh herbs like sage or add a touch of spice with harissa. Or use them in our Omlet with Mushrooms, Mustard and Gruyere: slice them and sweat them down with leeks. The rehydrated caps can also make a crunchy topping perfect for soups, salads and snacking—pat them dry, slice them up and fry in a skillet until crispy.

Kitchen Notes

These dried shiitakes have a shelf life of about one year. Before use, slowly rehydrate in water in the refrigerator the night before. Or in warm water the day of if you’re in a pinch.

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