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Matcha Kari Japanese Matcha Tea Set

Bright green and fuller-bodied than other teas, matcha green tea is so prized in Japan that its preparation is considered an art form. Substituting Western utensils can result in a clumpy, muddy drink, so we recommend Matcha Kari’s tea set, with a traditional bamboo scoop, matcha whisk, sifter, and ceramic bowl, all handmade in Japan. Most importantly, the organic Superior Matcha included in the set has a sweet, rich flavor with subtle umami that makes it best suited for drinking.

  • This matcha tea starter kit includes a bowl, scoop, whisk, sifter, and Superior Matcha green tea
  • Each item in the matcha starter kit is handmade in Japan
  • Bowls may have slight differences from bowls shown in pictures
  • Matcha Weight: 30 grams