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JIA Cast Iron Ding Casserole

The oldest form of Chinese cookware is the ding, a round vessel that in ancient times symbolized power and was used for rituals. This modern cast-iron version recalls the original bronze models of the Shang dynasty but is much better for cooking—the pot heats evenly, works on all stovetops and in the oven, and has a white enameled interior that doesn't require seasoning before the first use. Traditionally, a ding was heated by lighting a small fire between the three legs; we love that JIA retains the three-legged design but features it on a separate base so that the ding can be used on modern cooking surfaces (the base is fitted with silicone so it's non-slip). The semicircular handles of the pot and lid give a visual effect of unity in the design, while the matte black material and raised base look dignified and elegant.
  • Net Weight: 12.55 pounds
  • Dimensions: Length: 9 inches | Width: 9 inches | Height: 7 inches
  • Materials: Enameled cast iron, silicone
  • Use: Works with all heat sources except microwave.
  • Care: Dishwasher-safe. Hand-wash recommended. Dry thoroughly.

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