Josefa Cajeta Original Goat Milk Caramel $14.95

Following the caramel trade route…

Caramelized milk sweets arrived in Mexico many centuries after cooks in India began making them, known there as rabri. The practice had traveled along trade routes through the Middle East to Spain where nuns and friars began making caramel milk candies in the 8th century. When missionaries arrived in Mexico, they continued the tradition using goat’s milk in the locally produced copper pots, which allowed for low, even heat to slowly transform into the silky texture of cajeta. The word “cajeta” means “little box” and references the little wooden boxes the sweet was once stored in.

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Cajeta can be used as a dessert topping, spread, or dipping sauce. Use it anywhere you would add dulce de leche or caramel, but prefer the slight tanginess of goat’s milk that helps balance flavors. Spoon on top of ice creams or cakes, stir into hot drinks such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, drizzle on French toast or a slice of fruit pie, spread on toasted brioche, use as a dip for sliced apples, use as a filling for sandwich cookies, or fill crepes with a smear.

Kitchen Notes

Store cajeta in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight or in your fridge.

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