Kansas City Canning Co. Local Pig BBQ Sauce $10.95

Tomato-based barbecue sauces are what comes to mind when you think of the sticky-sweet stuff.

The style is popular throughout the South and Midwest, but the pinnacle is definitely in Kansas City. This sauce is created by the folks at award-winning Kansas City butcher shop The Local Pig and it aptly balances the multiple layers of flavor a tomato-forward barbecue sauce requires.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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Tomato barbecue sauces are the most versatile. Slather on burgers or atop meatloaf, dip anything your heart desires in a gooey glob of it, drizzle atop chicken, turkey and really anything your heart desires. ​

Kitchen Notes

This style of barbecue sauce burns easily, so brush your meat with the stuff no earlier than 15 minutes before serving. It won’t sink in because the sauce is so thick, so you’ll only need a couple of layers.

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