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Kikuichi for Milk Street 8" Chef Knife


Literally translated as “cow sword,” this 8-inch Japanese gyuto from Kikuichi is an analogue to the European chef’s knife and is designed for any and every kitchen task. Lighter, leaner and more nimble than Western-style knives, gyutos are as thin as possible—without sacrificing rigidity—and feature a more acute blade angle for cleaner, crisper slicing. These 8-inch knives are designed for any and every kitchen task. We love the gentle curve to the blade shape for mincing and the bolster-less design, which makes thorough sharpening easier and the overall weight of the knife lighter.

Family-owned Kikuichi is the oldest continuous knife maker in Japan and uses methods from the samurai era, inherited from imperial blade-maker Shiro Kanenaga through four generations. Each of their products is made in the Japanese tradition, with the finest attention to detail is given to every step in the knife-making process. We partnered with the company to bring you this knife with a custom-colored handle; we love the visibility the pop of orange provides, making the knife easy to locate on a cluttered counter or in the dish drain. (But please don’t put them in the dishwasher, which will damage high-quality knives.)

  • Weight: 6.42 ounces
  • Blade: AUS10 Molybdenum High Carbon stainless steel, HRC 59
  • Bevel Angle Ratio: 50:50
  • Handle: Resin
  • Care Instructions: Always hand wash and dry knives. 

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