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Kilner Universal Push-Top Storage Jars

These push-top glass jars by the iconic Kilner company have a rounded shape like a honey pot or cookie jar, with a cozy yet classic feel. The easy-to-grasp knobs allow you to lift the lids effortlessly, while the gaskets create an airtight seal to keep food fresh. Available in three sizes, these truly universal containers transform basic pantry storage into beautiful display pieces, whether you use them for dry goods like pasta and grains or your favorite snacks, from homemade cookies to popcorn.
  • Capacity: Small: 0.85 liters | Medium: 2 liters | Large: 4 liters
  • Dimensions: Small: Height: 5.8 inches | Width: 4.9 inches || Medium: Height: 7.4 inches | Width: 6.14 inches || Large: Height: 9.5 inches | Width: 7.67 inches
  • Care: Hand-wash only