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Knabstrup Keramik Terra Cotta Mini Dough Bowls — Set of 3

We love the elegant angular silhouette of these terra cotta bowls from iconic Danish company Knabstrup Keramik, whose conical shape is inspired by traditional Danish dough bowls for kneading; in these smaller bowls, the stable base helps prevent spilling. The interiors are coated with shiny brown, white and cream-colored glazes, neutral tones that perfectly complement the unfinished earthenware exteriors. Plus, the accompanying wooden tray makes the set of three easy to transport and accentuates the bowls' naturalistic aesthetic. They're just as useful for serving salt, sauces and garnishes at the table as they are for kitchen prep: Use them for small quantities of prepped ingredients like minced garlic and grated ginger, or keep them on hand as pinch bowls for your favorite seasonings or even bench flour when kneading dough. Established in 1897, Knabstrup Keramik partners with Denmark's leading potters and designers to make its ceramic housewares inspired by Scandinavian tradition.
  • Volume: 3.38 fluid ounces each
  • Material: Bowls: Ceramic | Stand: Wood
  • Use: Bowls are microwave-safe (max. 1,000 watts); oven-safe up to 428°F. Avoid rapid temperature changes, which can cause ceramic to crack or shatter.
  • Care: Bowls are dishwasher-safe but hand-wash recommended; do not use steel wool or abrasive materials, which may scratch ceramic glaze. Dry inverted, with porous unfinished clay exterior facing upward. Wooden tray is hand-wash only.

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