Kotodocan Yu-Zen Washi Tea Tin Canisters $18.95 - $22.95

Decades of Japanese tradition are integral to the design and beauty of these simple canisters.

​Washi paper, made from kozo (mulberry) bark, Gampi bushes, or Mitsumata bushes, was used in Japan for art, writing, bookbinding, and for home decor such as screens on sliding doors or room dividers. The process of producing the paper is intensive, requiring time to harvest and process the fibers, press the water out of the pulp, dry in the sun and finally, cut to size.

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To open, pull outer and inner lid straight up and off, do not twist. To close, put the outer lid on and twist counter-clockwise until it audibly clicks into place and the pattern is aligned.

Kitchen Notes

​Not dishwasher or microwave safe, wipe inside with damp towel and dry completely to clean.

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