Kraut Source Fermentation Lid $34.95

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Only compatible with a wide-mouth canning jar. Use to make homemade pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut and more. After packing your prepped vegetables into your jar, you top with the assembled krautsource lid and screw on tight with the jar’s lid ring. You then turn the metal loop on the kraut source lid, which unlocks the metal press inside the jar. A spring presses the flat metal disk onto the surface of the veggies, making sure they stay submerged in the brine. The “moat” at the top of the kraut source lid is filled with water and then the giant thimble-shaped cup is placed over the hole, with the bottom rim submerged in the “moat.” This allows gasses out (they can escape up through the top, through the water) but keeps airborn nasties out. Without this style of topper, you need to let the gases out of your jar regularly to prevent pressure from building up inside. (you do need to peek at it to make sure the water level doesn’t drop due to evaporation)

Kitchen Notes

A mason jar is _not_ included with this product. A jar with wide-mouth opening (diameter of 86 mm) is required to work with Kraut Source. You will also need the ring that came with your jar to attach the lid.

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