Kurouchi Blue Steel Nakiri $149.95

A nearly extinct tradition of Japanese knife-making.

The blade is forged via a technique called warikomi. Instead of the more common san mai style, in which soft and hard steels are sandwiched together, warikomi involves splitting a soft steel billet and inserting a length of harder steel inside to form the blade. It takes years of experience to master this craft, which has largely fallen from fashion beyond traditional knife makers in Tosa.

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The nakiri is great for slicing and dicing small items like garlic, herbs (we love it for chives) and nuts. Try it for chopping larger items like potatoes, onions and apples as well, or to bias cut scallions, trim mushrooms and peel shallots.

Kitchen Notes

Aogami is carbon steel and should be kept dry. Wipe blade clean after using and do not leave water on the blade. The metal is reactive and can easily discolor or rust. Take care to keep it dry and wiped clean when preparing acidic elements, like tomatoes or onions.

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