Pasta di Liguria Chestnut Ruffles Pasta “Signorine alle Castagne” $12.95

Steep mountain punctuate one side of Liguria—the extreme terrain has made its inhabitants form the land into terraces using dry-stone walls and making use of every available inch to cultivate crops and vineyards.

Hearty chestnut flour has been a comforting winter staple for Ligurian mountain folk for centuries and the crop often finds its way into belly-warming dishes that feature wild mushrooms, game or unctuous cheese sauces.

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This pasta would be a flavorful addition to any recipe, but its nuttiness lends itself especially well to richer, creamy dishes such as our Fettuccine with Leeks, Cabbage and Gruyère, or light and fresh dishes like primavera, where the nuttiness with add depth to the fresh vegetables and herbs.

Kitchen Notes

We prefer to cook the pasta for one minute less than is noted on the package for a more al dente texture.

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