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WAJD Coarse Sea Salt

Organic Sea Salt from Wajd, a Lebanese company out of the historic salt-mining town Anfeh, offers a bright, crisp brininess, as opposed to the earthier minerality of some other artisanal salts. Moreover, this salt uses no chemical additives or agents in its production process that might alter its taste, unlike conventional table salt. With a larger crystal than other sea salts, it’s great as a finishing salt that adds visual texture as well as flavor. Freshly grind Wajd Organic Sea Salt as you would whole peppercorns, over any recipe that could benefit from a sprinkling of salt for visual texture and taste. Whatever the application, start with a small amount first—with its pure flavor and larger crystals, a little of this sea salt goes a long way.

Wajd was born out of a local effort to preserve Anfeh’s traditional salt harvesting industry and practices. The town is home to some of the oldest salt pans in the Mediterranean, and locals to this day use the same centuries-old methods: sea salt is evaporated under the sun, hand-harvested using wooden tools and broken into smaller crystals to produce pure, clean salt. That’s it. Now, however, private developers are converting the Lebanese coast to commercial resorts, and the government has lifted tariffs on imported salt so traditional producers are having a difficult time competing. We love that Wajd still offers this natural sea salt since it also preserves the local Lebanese heritage.

Try this salt for a burst of flavor on roasted meats or starchy vegetables such as our Salt-Crusted Potatoes. You can also crush a few salt crystals and sprinkle over dishes as a finishing salt; we like its clean brightness to enhance our Herbed Egg Salad with Pickled Red Onion or to complement the rich sauce of our Pan-Roasted Asparagus with Herbed Brown Butter Vinaigrette and Walnuts. On the sweet side, the coarse texture of Wajd Organic Sea Salt adds visual interest to our Triple-Chocolate Almond Cookies as well as our Maple-Glazed Hermits with Cranberries —in the case of the latter, the salt is a wonderful complement to the maple glaze that tops this classic New England cookie. 

  • Net Weight: 500 grams