Littledeer Wooden 12" Pan Paddle $32.95

These stunning wooden kitchen tools have a unique backstory. Canadian inventor and designer Tom Littledeer learned the value of craftsmanship from his father, a millwright and blacksmith.

When tasked with designing a new shape of canoe paddle for Olympic canoeists in the mid 1980s, he also unintentionally created his first wooden cooking utensil: the pot scoop. Now he makes a series of beautiful kitchen tool from hard, heat-enduring maple wood.

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This multi-functional spatula is designed to scrape the bottom of pans as well as flip and serve food.

Kitchen Notes

The wood used is very “thirsty.” After washing, the wood will start to feel less smooth than when brand new. The slightly rough texture means it’s in need of an oiling. Oiling wooden tools is part of the normal and proper maintenance routine and prevents warping, cracking and splintering.

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