Maalouf Orange Blossom Water $19.95

A royal delicacy.

Like rose water, orange blossom water can trace its origins to Persian court. Treasured for its unique flavor and heady scent, orange blossom water proliferated throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East and France, finding its way into sweets ranging from baklava to puff pastry and meringues. Distilled flower waters lend themselves beautifully to baking, as they are extracted through steam and thrive in humid cooking environments.

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Orange blossom water works well anywhere you want to add a floral hint. Add a splash—start with just a teaspoon since a little goes a long way—to the glaze of Swedish Cardamom Buns (Kardemummabullar) to complement their warm spices. Mix some into the batter of our Yogurt Loaf Cake with Coriander and Orange.

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