Maalouf Rose Water $19.95

Distilling rose water is a link to the past.

Recipes featuring rose water can be traced to as early as the 8th century A.D., when early Persian and Arab cooks used it to season savory dishes or infuse sweets with a floral note. Eventually, rose permeated other cuisines and continues to be popular in pastry, Middle Eastern cooking, and South Asian dishes (for example, rose-scented gulab jamun, an Indian dessert).

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Try rose water in cakes—we love adding a teaspoon to the crumble and cake of our Plum Cake with Spiced Almond Crumble recipe to complement its warm spices (for just a hint of rose, only add the water to the crumble). Boost the flavor of our Mejdool Date, Manuka Honey and Macadamia Breakfast Loaf by mixing it into the batter. Drop some rose water in the fruit blend of our Mixed Berry Crostata, or top the finished pastry with some rose water infused whipped cream.

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