Paolo & Giampiero Bea Farine di Roveja (Wild Pea Flour) $21.95

Roveja are a variety of Umbrian legume that are so historic there is evidence they were eaten by the Ancient Romans.

All but forgotten well into the 20th century, Umbrian producers, such as the Bea family, have labored to bring this wild pea back from near-extinction. Roveja peas are recognized by Slow Food USA in their Arc of Taste, a living catalog of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction. Nutritious and flavorful, they are also beautiful, with each pea bearing a different shade of color from brown to green to mustard to grey to sienna and on and on.

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Cook like you would polenta and top with Milk Street Garlic Confit and anchovies or a tomato salad. You can also cool the cooked polenta, slice and sauté it before topping with tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and lots of good olive oil.

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