Tartuflanghe Grey Salt Guérande with White Truffle $34.95

French salt meets Italian truffles.

Rich Guérande salt is hand-harvested off the French Atlantic coast before being paired with flavorful flecks of dried white truffle. The French salt has a low salinity profile, which means it’s delicate on the palate and won’t overpower the delicate white truffle.

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Use this as a seasoning or finishing salt. It beautifully enhances rich foods like risotto, French fries and foie gras—but truly, it adds a special dimension to any and all savory offerings. Sprinkle it atop eggs for a classic pairing, or try it on meats and fish. It also adds extra oomph to a creamy pot of mashed potatoes, a tray of roasted veggies or a vegetable puree, such as parsnip.

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