Maison Martin Zephyr Hot Sauce $16.95

Although France isn’t necessarily the first place that comes to mind when you think of hot sauce, these bottles are still packed with your favorite peppers and bold heat.

Chili peppers were first brought to Europe in the 1490s and Maison Martin uses Habanero, Picaro, Caroline Reapers and more popular varietals—all grown locally in France no less than 500km from the producer! The peppers are cultivated using sustainable methods and are harvested when ripe between July and October and the farmers are paid fair prices for their bounty as well.

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Drizzle this sauce on anything and everything. It’s simple and tangy enough to take the place of Tabasco or Frank’s and the well-balanced smokey quality will work well with any flavors, from tacos to a slow-cooked pork shoulder to spicy tofu stew. The smokiness is more subtle than a chipotle-based sauce, so it adds great but non-competitive flavor to tacos like our Tacos al Pastor, grain salads, breakfast platters, pasta, you name it. We also love it in our Uruguayan-Style Steak and Cheese Sandwich (Chevito)—the tang of the sauce cuts through the gooey cheese and the spicy, smokey chili flavor rounds out the beef the way subtle grill flavor would.

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