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Mala Market Facing Heaven Chili Pepper $12.00 $9.60

The Mala Market's chilies are intensely fragrant and pliant (the sure sign of a fresh dried chili), and their spices are clear and boldly flavored.

Unlike other importers, the company maintains close control over its supply chain; these chilies go straight from the agrarian Guizhou province to the packers in Chengdu.

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Use facing-heaven chile peppers whole in stir-fries or simmered in sauces, soups and stews; try substituting some of the dried chilies where you would use familiar guajillo or ancho chiles, such as chili braised meats or soups. For a hotter presence, break the chilies open to expose the seeds and ribs or crumble or mince into dishes. The fruity notes of Facing Heaven Chili also works well in tomato-based sauces; try toasting a couple of crumbled chilies with garlic before making pasta sauce.

Kitchen Notes

For a milder spice, remove the ribs and seeds inside the chiles.

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