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Malony Glass Noodles (Harusame) - 4 pack $12.95

Inspired by his time living in Siberia, Japanese native Yoshimune Yoshimura developed this new version of the traditional harusame glass noodle with potato starch instead of mung bean starch. This allows the noodle to stay firm and springy for longer than the conventional type.


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Simmer these noodles directly into soups, such as our Vietnamese-Style Chicken and Glass Noodle Soup, until plump and tenderly chewy. The flavorless noodles will absorb the character of the dish, making them perfect for anything from classic American chicken noodle soup to kimchi jjigae to a textural addition to a delicate miso broth. They’re also lovely in our Singaporean Shrimp and Chicken Noodle Soup (Laksa) and our Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup. Switch out these noodles for any type of noodle (even Italian pasta dishes) if you’re looking for a wheat-free option with great texture. Boil in water and add to the skillet to finish cooking—they will absorb a flavorful sauce beautifully. These slippery noodles are also fantastic in chilled salads. Cook, drain, toss with a flavorful dressing and chill. Then finish your salad with shrimp, sliced beef, fresh herbs, matchstick veggies—whatever the recipe calls for. Try them in our Ginger Beef and Rice Noodles With Herbs.

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