Diavolicchi Hot Peppers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It’s no secret that we love chilies at Milk Street, and the diavolicchi from Masseria Mirogallo are some of our favorites. Their name comes from the Italian word for devil because they are said to be hotter than hell, but they also have a bright flavor and sweet finish. Hand-selects and packed into jars with only wine vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil produced from the same farms farm, these chili peppers’ piquancy will define and sharpen a dish’s flavors. Use to cut through a starchy pasta dish, clarify a rich braise or stew or heighten sauces. And don’t throw out the oil! It’s terrific in vinaigrettes or used for sautéing vegetables, seafood and eggs.

  • Ingredients: hot peppers, extra virgin olive oil, and wine vinegar
  • 270 grams