Marou Cacao Powder $18.95

The French were the first to bring cacao plants to Vietnam when it was a colony in the 19th century.

But despite an ideal tropical climate, it remained a marginal product for decades because there was little to no knowledge among local people how to grow and process this Central and South American plant. A Vietnamese university researcher started a pilot project in 2000 to revive cocoa production, which attracted interest from corporate candy makers.

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Use in any recipe that calls for natural cocoa powder, such as our Swedish “Sticky” Chocolate Cake, Stovetop Chocolate Cake, or Tahini Swirl Brownies. Or use in savory cooking as well, adding a tablespoon or two to a marinade to add depth like in our mole-inspired Chipotle-Lime Slashed Chicken. And to keep things simple, use for a simple chocolate sauce or to make hot chocolate.

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