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Martinelli’s 'Nduja

How a pig is raised directly translates into the flavor of its meat. On his family farm in Scituate, Rhode Island, Frank Martinelli feeds his pigs a high proportion of dairy—including milk, yogurt and cheese—and plenty of fresh vegetables, grains and nuts, resulting in high-quality pork with a robust meaty flavor. Martinelli is selective about his co-packers and partnered with New England Charcuterie to make this 'Nduja, a spreadable salame that originated in Calabria, Italy, whose texture is soft and tender but still firm enough that it doesn't feel pasty. Tangy, lightly spicy chili paste perfectly complements the pork's natural sweetness and showcases its complex flavors.
  • Net Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Ingredients: Pork fat, pork, chili paste, salt, less than 1% of: smoked paprika, lactic acid starter culture, dextrose, water, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate.
  • Place of Origin: Waltham, MA
  • Note: Only includes one 'Nduja

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