Maruso Soy Thick Black Bean Soy Sauce $16.95

Situated in Shiluo, a town in Taiwan known for its soy production, Maruso was first founded in 1909 and has remained in the same family for generations.​

​They make their soy sauce using time-honored traditions as well. First, the beans are steamed and hand-mixed with koji—a natural culture made from rice—before the blend is spread across flat wicker trays to germinate for seven days. Black beans are heartier than soy beans, so they can spend a longer time with the koji and therefore absorb more flavor. The beans are then mixed with sea salt and left to ferment in terra cotta urns in the sunshine. After six months, it’s blended with rice and sugar until it reaches its rich final form.

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Dip, drizzle or pour into any dish that needs a hit of sweet umami. Glaze veggies like our Sweet-and-Savory Skillet-Steamed Eggplant (substituting in for the oyster sauce) or drizzle atop everything from dumplings to meat skewers. Add to marinades along with ingredients like garlic, chili sauce and cilantro, or even in addition to your favorite tomato-based barbecue sauce. It’s also a great was to add complexity to many types of soups and stews, such as French onion or our Tuscan Beef and Black Pepper Stew.

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