MegaChef Kecap Manis $24.95

You use the word “kecap” more often than you think.

“Kecap” comes from “koechiap” or “ke-tsiap,” the Cantonese word for “sauce” that described a popular pickled, spiced fish sauce. The sauce traveled to the Philippines and Indonesia—the birthplace of the word “kecap”—where it was picked up by British traders. Throughout the 18th century, British versions of “katchup” proliferated, typically including bold flavors like spice, beer, anchovies, vinegar and fruit. The mild, sweet, tomato-based version of ketchup we use today came from American attempts in the 19th century to better preserve the sauce.

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Try this sauce everywhere! Add 2 tablespoons of kecap manis to the sauce for any fried rice dish, like our Indonesian-Style Chicken Fried Rice. Use it in traditional dishes like Sweet Soy-Braised Pork (Babi Kecap) and Hainanese Chicken and Rice. Add to peanut sauce and serve alongside Singaporean Chicken Satay. Or simply brush fish, shrimp, steak or other meat with kecap manis before grilling.

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