Milk Street Mexican Mocha Coffee Sugar — Set of 3 $26.85 $20.14

This blend plays on the Oaxacan tradition of adding cinnamon and chili to freshly ground cacao beans for hot chocolate.

Our director of digital content, Evan Petto, loves a light dusting of this coffee sugar on hot buttered toast. There are few sweets that can't benefit from this perfect trinity of chocolate, chili and cinnamon.

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Use Mexican Mocha Coffee Sugar in your morning cup of coffee or to ramp up hot cocoa. We love its balanced yet bold flavor on all manner of breakfast foods: Sprinkle it over oatmeal with some sliced bananas and walnuts, or dust a little on pancakes or cinnamon rolls. For desserts, add a spicy element atop brownies, or use the sugar to make a flavored whipped cream. We often sprinkle some Mexican Mocha Coffee Sugar on vanilla ice cream or rice pudding, for a twist on arroz con leche.

Kitchen Notes

Sugar isn't just for sprinkling-- try infusing your recipes with flavor by swapping out our spiced sugars for some or all of the sugar in everyday baking recipes, such as sweet biscuits and scones, pancakes and waffles, and pastry crusts.

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