Milk Street Argentine Chimichurri Rojos BBQ Blend $8.95 $5.00

Spice blends not just for barbecue.

Cooks around the world count on simple spice blends to enhance their live-fire cooking. We were inspired by a few of our favorites from our travels to design this series of blends for not just grilling, but as all-purpose enhancers for easy, bold flavor. Dust over roasted chicken or pot roast, stir into soups, toss with veggies or even popcorn. There’s little our barbecue blends can’t improve.

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We love to slather it on steaks and lamb chops destined for the grill or toss it with tomato salads, BLTs or blanched green beans. Try adding a spoonful to pork braises and stews or blend into simple vinaigrettes. A sprinkle does wonders to enhance a try of Mac and cheese, omelettes or frittatas.

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