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Milk Street Garlic Confit $14.95

Rich, mellow, fuss-free garlic.

Our garlic confit evolved from a simple time-saver Matthew Card (our creative director of recipes and products) started making when his first child was born. Short on time, but unwilling to compromise his cooking, each weekend Matt made a big Mason jar full of sliced garlic simmered in olive oil. The prepped garlic made it much faster to whip up quick, flavorful meals. The kitchen took Matt’s basic recipe and ran with it. For starters, they added buttery ghee for a creamier, smoother mouthfeel. Bay leaves helped round out the flavor without distracting from the garlic, and a hint of fruity Aleppo chili pepper and splash of lemon juice cut through the richness to clarify the confit’s flavor.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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There’s not much that wouldn’t benefit from a spoonful of this confit. It works in any instance where you need a burst of bold garlic flavor. When used as a dip or to finish or lightly sauté, the tender slices of garlic stay intact. But if you keep stirring, they will break down a bit and melt into any savory dish. Add a spoonful to a skillet of onions to build a soup, sauce or stir-fry. Stir into stews or pasta sauces; slather over steaks, roasts, chops, shrimp and cutlets; spread onto sandwiches; or toss with steamed vegetables, grains or pastas for simple side dishes. A touch goes a long way in a savory dressing for hearty greens, while a dollop tossed with pasta and herbs makes a simple dinner extraordinary. It’s wonderful for adding a final, flavorful touch to dishes like roasted vegetables—just as you’d use a finishing swirl of olive oil. And while it’s also lovely as a simple dip for breads, we like to take it even further with this (almost) instant garlic bread: Blend equal parts garlic confit with softened butter, smear thickly across thick slabs of crusty bread and bake until crisp.
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Kitchen Notes

Each tablespoon is equivalent to 3 sliced cloves of sauteed garlic. Beware of sauteeing over high heat, as it will likely burn the garlic and turn it bitter.

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