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Core Benefits:

Effortless Slicing:

The thin blade, 1.5mm at the spine, and a flat-ground finish make slicing effortless.

Easy to Handle:

The kitchin-tan is light making it easy to handle even for beginners.

Stays Sharp, Easy to Sharpen:

AUS-8 Steel holds edge well and is also easy to sharpen.

Extreme Blade Control:

The handle is well-balanced with the blade giving you total control over slicing and chopping unlike many European-style wooden knife handles.

Sheepsfoot Rounded Blade:

Instead of a sharp tip, the rounded tip (designed originally for fishermen) makes this knife especially safe for home cooks.
Core Benefits:

Our Design Story

Our all-purpose utility knife is a synthesis of European paring and Japanese petty knife designs. The Kitchin-tan’s subtly larger size, broad blade and rounded tip mated to our confidence-inspiring ergonomic handle make it the ideal tool for virtually any cutting task.
Our Design Story
Our Design Story
AUS-8 stainless steel
The steel takes a keen edge easily, holds it well and is ultimately more durable and resistant to chipping than harder blades. And AUS-8’s steel formula is also highly stain-resistant for easy maintenance—it won’t patina or rust if left damp.
FILEWORK pattern
The blade's filework pattern provides grippy traction when holding the knife in a secure pinch grip.
The butt of the bolsterless blade curves inward for enhanced finger clearance.
Made from micarta, a nearly indestructible composite created from layers of fabric tightly compacted in phenolic resin. The material feels smooth and secure in the hand and becomes subtly grippier when wet.
Designed for durability and safety. Similar to a Japanese santoku, the gently arced blade design can be used for both Western- and Japanese-style cutting methods. Its rounded tip keeps fingers safe.
Ergonomic shaping makes the knife fill the palm for a secure grip and a tapering towards the blade facilitates and comfortable and controlled pinch grip.
Commonly used for hard-use outdoor knives, micarta is a virtually indestructible material made from fabric compressed in resin. The ergonomic handle is flattened on top, then swells and tapers towards the bottom to fill the palm for a secure grip.
AUS-8 stainless steel
Long-used for high-quality kitchen and outdoor knives, high-chromium, Japanese-made AUS 8 steel is ideally formulated and hardened to take and retain a fine razor edge with little effort. AUS 8 steel is also highly stain resistant for easy maintenance- it won't patina or rust if left wet.

Knife In Action

For the Kitchin-tan’s™ blade, we chose Japanese-made AUS-8 steel, which has a proven track record in hard-use outdoor knives as well as kitchen knives.
Thin Blade:

Thin Blade:

1.5mm thick at spine, makes slicing effortless. Many European chef’s knives are 4mm thick at the spine, making them hard to use since a great deal of metal has to be pushed through whatever you are cutting.
Solid, Not Heavy:

Solid, Not Heavy:

Weighs under 130 grams, making the kitchin-tan easy to handle for beginners and nimble for the most detailed task.
Lock-in Handle:

Lock-in Handle:

The ergonomic micarta handle material grows subtly grippier when wet. Classic chef’s knives often use handles that are hard to grip once hands are wet or greasy.
Filework Blade Pattern:

Filework Blade Pattern:

Provides traction on the blade for a secure, controlled pinch grip between thumb and forefinger.
Sheepsfoot Rounded Blade:

Sheepsfoot Rounded Blade:

The rounded sheepsfoot-style tip—originally designed for sailors—makes this knife especially safe for home use. It’s also more durable as there’s no pointy tip to snap.

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Milk Street Kitchin-tan™ Japanese-Style Utility Knife