Core Benefits:

Handle Designed for Large and Small Hands:

We studied dozens of peeler shapes and styles before designing our own unique form that’s comfortable across all peeling styles and hand sizes. The ovoid shape fills the palm for comfort when gripping tight and the graceful pinch grip provides a precision hold for controlled peeling even the toughest peels, skins and zest.

Pinch Grip or Power Grip:

The unique handle shape allows for a comfortable grip in multiple positions. Pinch grip between thumb and forefinger for precision control or loop your finger over the yoke for more power when handling tougher skinned vegetables like butternut squash.

Built Tough for Lifetime Use:

The Precision Peeler is machined from 304 stainless steel, which is impervious to rust and maintains a luster. It cleans up easily by hand or in the dishwasher.

Forever Sharp (with replaceable blades):

Blades inevitably dull, so we made ours easily replaceable. Simply loosen the screw in the orange strut, pop out the used blade, pop in the new blade and retighten the screw.

Pivoting Blade Suits All Angles:

A wide pivot for the blade accommodates the curves and angles of fruits and vegetables of all shapes and sizes.

Rigid Blades Won’t Bend:

The hardened blade steel holds an edge for eternity and is ultra-stiff, so it doesn’t flex under use. Most peeler blades are stamped from thin, cheap steel, which flexes and twists with use, which causes it to stick rather than slice.

File Pattern for Non-Slip Grip:

The sturdy steel handle is embossed with a grippy file pattern around the edges for a secure feeling even when wet or greasy.

Easy Find Color Pop:

A vibrant orange strut makes the peeler easy to identify amongst a cluttered utensil drawer or drying rack. You’ll never lose it.
Core Benefits:

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