Elevator Coffee for Milk Street La Joya Coffee

Our first foray into single-origin coffees comes from La Joya, in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. High-altitude Guatemalan coffees are renowned for their deeply resonant cocoa-rich, citrus forward flavors and deep sweetness. It’s exactly what you want in your morning cup—with a next-level intensity and aroma.

Our roaster, Elevator Coffee, just won a Silver medal in the espresso category and Bronze medal with drip coffee for these beans at the prestigious Golden Bean competition.  The coffee’s deeply rich flavor offers loads of chocolate, cherry and purple grape flavor making it an excellent choice for your favorite brewing method.

  • Whole Bean

  • 12 oz

  • Roasted to Order

  • Use a fine grind when brewing with an espresso machine

  • Use a coarse grind for your french press

  • Use a medium-fine grind for Pour Over

  • Use medium to coarse for Cold Brew

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