Moon Shine Trading Co. High Plains Sweet Clover $11.95

Sweet Clover is a flower so bountiful, honeybees are capable of making up to 200 pounds of honey in a year.

Originally native to the Mediterranean region, Sweet Clover grows throughout the hot and dry, high plains of the Midwestern United States. Bees can transform the nectar from these white and yellow flowers into the clean and clear honey that we can’t get enough of.

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Use anywhere you would use honey such as: in baked goods like Double Chocolate Cake with Honey-Rosemary Syrup or on biscuits with butter. Use in a honey butter as we do in Moroccan Semolina Flatbreads or in vinagrettes such as our Honey, Mustard and Ginger Vinaigrette. Try it in cold treats like this Créme Fraîche and Honey Ice Cream. Work it into vegetable dishes like these Roasted Carrots with Turmeric-Honey or in meat dishes like Ikarian Braised Pork with Honey, Orange and Rosemary.

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