Morita Brand Mentsuyu (All-Purpose Noodle Soup Base) $9.95

This is one of the most versatile ingredients in Japanese cuisine.

Light and flavorful Mentsuyu, made from dark soy sauce and awase dashi (kombu and bonito), is typically used as a base for noodle soups. It’s also frequently used as a dipping sauce.

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This sauce does it all: It’s a broth, dip and finisher. To use as a broth, use this ratio: 1 part sauce to 2.5 parts hot water. It’s also lovely drizzled atop rice or noodles as it is. Dip soba or somen in the sauce before topping with scallions, nori, ginger or wasabi. Or swipe crispy hunks of tempura shrimp or veggies through a puddle of the sauce (either diluted with water or as is). We also love adding it to a mixture of dashi, soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar to make simmered meats or veggies. And of course, it’s incredible as a sauce for cold noodles, packing lively flavor and a light texture.

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