Mugolio Pine Cone Bud Syrup $29.95

Conscious creation in the Italian Dolomite Alps National Park.

Forager Eleonora Cunaccia is one of the few residents in the area to have permission to forage. She carefully collects young buds from the Mugo pine by only taking one bud per branch so as to protect the plant. A tall order since she needs 100 buds to make 100 grams of the syrup.

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​Use as a finishing syrup for lightly sweet desserts. Drizzle on ice cream or gelato or perhaps over fruit. It can also be drizzled like balsamic over roasted vegetables or roasted meats as it adds both sweetness, earthiness and umami to dishes. Swirl into martinis, or even in place of or in addition to bitters. To get you started, a simple dish of figs with gorgonzola dolce and a drizzle of syrup would be spectacular.

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