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Navarino Icons Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Dip $14.95

Navarino Icons was inspired by the warmth and hospitality of Greece’s Costa Navarino region in the southwest Peloponnese, where aromatic Messinian cuisine reigns supreme.

Celebrating the bounty of Greece, the producers collaborates with small and medium local farmers who only grow food using careful, traditional methods. These partnerships not only support the country’s struggling local economy, but also honoring and preserving the fertile lands that are so integral to Greece’s fresh cuisine.

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​Pair this condiment with grilled meats and kebabs, roasted veggies or Mediterranean nibbles like feta cheese and marinated olives. Its brightness makes it a great companion to seared salmon and shrimp, too. Or fold it into orzo/barley/cooked beans as a flavorful and simple dressing. It can be served warm or cold—try tossing with warm cooked grains and adding grilled eggplant (chopped), chopped olives, crumbled feta and a handful of chopped parsley for an easy dinner side or light lunch. This is also great reduced further in a pan until even more thickened and more jammy. For extra richness, stir in some fruity EVOO or butter. It will lightly caramelize and become sweeter, the perfect addition to an elegant cheese board laden with nutty aged cheeses like gouda or manchego, bloomy rind cheeses such as brie, creamy fresh cheeses like chevre, briny olives and pickles, cured meats, and warm baguette. We especially love it in our Pan-Seared Salmon with Red Adjika—replacing the adjika here and reducing the dip in the skillet after searing the salmon—and in our Turkish Red Lentil Soup, just swirl this in instead of the Aleppo pepper oil.

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