Norður & Co Garum Fish Sauce Infused with Nordur Sea Salt $36.95

Danish company Norður & Co was founded by two friends in 2012 to celebrate the crunchy, clean flavor of Norður salt.

Harvested from arctic waters, the salt is made using geothermal energy and adds a complex salinity.

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Use in place of a standard fish sauce for a milder, yet equally complex flavor. It adds just enough umami depth without dominating other flavors. We like using it as the fish sauce in our Vietnamese Caramel Fish for a more rounded taste and salinity. Try it in: Quick stews, to emulate the richness of a long slow cook (meat or veg based, works for any style!). Or cooking water for dried beans and grains— just a dash adds savoriness akin to simmering in stock. And drizzle into sauces, to add extra umami, but also as a savory addition to veg-based sauces like marinara or bolognese. Even a dribble in a cheese sauce works delicious magic. We love adding it to the sauce in our Lasagna Bolognese and our Basque-Style Fish and Clams in Parsley-Garlic Sauce.

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