Field Company Number 8 Lightweight Cast Iron Pan

The folks who make the Field Cast Iron Pan claim that their new pan has the same properties as an older well-seasoned pan. That sounded good but we had to test this proposition. After seasoning the pan using our method (repeated oiling, heating, and rubbing on the stovetop), we found that scrambled and fried eggs did not stick at all (the ultimate litmus test) and that we really enjoyed working with a lighter pan. The Field 10-inch skillet runs just over 4 pounds whereas other 10-inch cast iron skillets are well over 5 pounds and some 12-inch skillets are over 8 pounds. It makes a big difference as to whether or not you will actually pick up the pan. Yes, it's pricey - a Lodge pan is a lot cheaper - but we think that most home cooks will actually use the Field pan. Of course we love cast iron because it does a great job of holding heat - you can actually get a nice char on vegetables for example - and steaks in a cast iron pan are a dream. This pan is now part of our batterie de cuisine. 

  • Pan will arrive fully seasoned

  • No. 8 is a universal fit for most stove tops

  • Pan works on all stovetops: gas range, induction, glass top, or campfire

  • Pans are made from 75-90% recycled iron

  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly

NOTE: Canvas Bag shown in picture is for photographic purposes only. Bag is NOT INCLUDED in the package.  

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