Olasagasti Anchovies a la Basque $14.95

Before adding aromatics and silky, rich olive oil, Olasagasti’s products begin with fresh fish caught from the cold Cantabrian Sea.

The water is often dotted with local fishing fleets, where arrantzales (Basque fishermen) use traditional methods to procure the day’s catch. And it’s on the shores of the sea that the Olasagasti team selects the seafood to be used in their tinned fish. It’s then transported to their nearby facility, where each fish is cleaned, cooked and packed using time-honored techniques.

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While we love anchovies as a stand-alone snack (and these make a great one because of the bright marinade), these flavorful fish make a welcome addition to a charcuterie or tapas spread. Serve them simply with toast, or as part of a larger spread with an array of cheeses, fruit, cured meats and other classic Spanish nibbles like crispy, fluffy-centered Patatas Bravas. Chopped or lightly crumbled, these anchovies are terrific in dishes like a seafood risotto or paella. Keep in mind, the fish is cooked, so add it in at the very end to make sure it doesn’t dry out or break down too much. They’re also lovely in salads of all kinds—especially in our Sugar Snap and Radish Salad with Olive-Oil Tuna, just swap out the fish. And because these anchovies come steeped in the most flavorful marinade, be sure to use a dash along with the fish as an ingredient. And don’t forget to mince up and add that succulent whole garlic clove to a dip or dressing as well.

Kitchen Notes

​Tip: Warming your tinned fish before eating wakes up some of the flavors. Simply remove the outer packaging and open the can a small crack (to allow for building pressure to escape) and put them, tin and all, in a low oven to heat. Store at room temperature.

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