Olé Rico Dried Pasilla Pepper Chiles $13.95

Rasiny pasilla chiles are an integral ingredient in Mexican sauces and dishes featuring fruit.

These succulent peppers are of the pasilla de Oaxaca varietal from Oaxaca, Mexico, which are the peppers used to make rich mole negro. They’re often sold both whole or powdered.

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Rehydrate the peppers with water and puree them before incorporating into salsas and guacamole. The pureed chiles can also be used anywhere you might use chipotle in adobo for a peppery punch with less heat or in place of ancho chiles. We love them in soups such as our Mexican Chicken Soup with Tomatillos and Hominy and with meats like our Red Chili Chicken.

Kitchen Notes

If using the chili as a whole, you need to roast them first before you can incorporate them into your dishes. Once the peppers are roasted, remove the seeds and veins and soak in hot water for about 5 minutes. Remove the peppers in water and leave them to dry. Once dry, you can stuff them with grated cheese or your favorite shredded meat. If preparing sauce, simply toast the chile peppers. If making sauce using powdered Pasilla peppers, stir in flour and chili powder in heated oil before adding other ingredients.

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