O-Med Yuzu Agridulce Condiment $23.95

If you’re not familiar with yuzu, this wonderful Asian citrus brings together the fragrance of Meyer lemons, the tartness of lime and the bittersweet depth of grapefruit.

A sweet floral aroma rounds out and softens the acidity, so yuzu's flavor is not harshly sour but rather bright and balanced—there's very little this complex citrus fruit can't enhance.

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Try swapping this Yuzu Condiment into any recipe that calls for lemon or white wine vinegar. The botanical fruitiness will add extra depth and complexity to anything from simple vinaigrettes to marinades to pan sauces. For a refreshing snack, try drizzling over sliced cucumbers and topping with a light sprinkle of flakey sea salt.

Kitchen Notes

This condiment is bracing enough to be used as a vinegar, but the subtle fruity sweetness from the grape must keeps the acidity tame enough to enjoy solo as a garnish, or even added to seltzer like a drinking shrub.

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